Writing Painting

Writing Painting artsit book
15.6cm x 23.4cm, 24 pages, 2019
Litho printed, edition 250 copies

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Site Gallery, 1 Brown Street, Sheffield, S1 2BS

WRITING PAINTINGthe articulation and exchange of painting

Eight paintings were exchanged with eight writers for words. The recipient agreed to install the work in their domestic space or workplace and write a text with title in response.

Archetype Painting: niche (series one, 1-8)

This book explores issues of articulation, distribution and writing in painting. My aim is to question the reception and circulation of work through personal dialogue and professional exchange. I’m interested in what the presence of a painting is; and, how it could exist in a dialogue around it. What does it mean to live with a painting? How does the influence of duration and setting frame a daily encounter? Through a process of exchange: do words become a contingent echo, optional transcript, historical counterpoint, reactive parallel, or perhaps, a painting’s most itinerant form?

George Vasey
Spike Bucklow
Veronica della Dora
Maria Fusco
Lavinia Greenlaw
David Ryan
Michael Squire
Harriet Tarlo

Writing Painting
Published by E. Jackson

Printed in the UK

© E. Jackson 2019
Texts © the authors 2019

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