2010 – 2018
OBSERVATIONS – training in attentiveness

As contemporary culture accelerates, peripheral vision is narrowing and attention spans are diminishing. As a quiet resistance to this rapid image culture ‘Observations’, a body of work made over a eight-year period, investigates the slow process of attunement and the decelerating effects of nuance. Paintings and prints document transient events – studies of dusk light, ground shadows, sunlight movements and atmospheric distance. Exploring the sensitive magnitudes of human perception these works recorded an intimate relation to distant things.

E_Jackson_SMR_250712_installation     E_Jackson_Gr_060114_detailE_Jackson_NF_160112

OBSERVATIONS – field sites


DRAWING – ongoing

I am interested in drawing as a generative and speculative act. I want to interrogate where a drawing is going. Ideas of continuum, rotation, progression and motion give drawing a future oriented trajectory – an unfolding potential. By following some internal impetus of growth or movement, can a drawing be autonomous, be infinite?

E_Jackson_IFD_5                                E_Jackson_SA_drawing_1