Light Tempo: field of grasses

Sistemas Efímeros field study

The spatial notation of light

Detailed field observations made over one hour on May 22nd 2013, informed this work exploring the fluctuations of movement and light across the Sistemas Efímeros terrace. The grasses on the terrace acted as a conduit for sunlight and air, their delicate turbulance defining the spatial illumination of the site. Small incidents of light reflected from the seed heads of the grasses held above the ground are the focus of the work. The sequential works investigate transitory movement held in an individual print, and an accumulative rhythm generated by a pair of prints. This study articulates something of the nebulous luminosity occurring in Terraza 1.

Key ideas
> ephemeral motion
> print as recording – a transcript of process
> printing as a performative action [variation / movement / time]
> the chronology of making / the chronology of the made

Light Tempo: field of grasses (detail)

These prints were made during a residency at Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium October 2013.

Sistemas Efímeros / Ephemeral Systems
Is an arts led, trans-disciplinary collaborative project that seeks different ways to express ideas which will augment the perception of the natural value of arid landscapes.